Well thank you for stopping by here. Any support is much appreciated, though it's obviously not necessary, I appreciate the hell out of it! There are a few ways that you can easily support me or the project!

  1. Follow Socials: Easy peasy, doesn't cost you even dust. I appreciate the love!

  2. Mint an NFT: Swing to the DROPS part of the SickCityNFT page and see what is minting, if you see something you like, go treat yo self!


  1. Mint a Token: If ADA is short (or you like me, but not that much) swing over to my Epoch Genesis Page and mint a song token that I wrote, it is 3 ADA, you get 1.4 back and a Token with a song that I wrote on it, link here https://buynfts.exchange/faucets/epochgenesis/

  2. Mint Some $SICK Tokens: Being a token holder is a great way to show support for the project. Click HERE to go to the faucet page!

  3. Donations/Tips: I have a Cardano wallet open for donations and or tips. I am happy to accept ADA, native tokens (and that sweet, sweet dust), total shitcoins (and that sweet, sweet dust), CNFTs (and that sweet, sweet dust), anything. I appreciate the hell out of any support you can give and will do my best to pay it forward!

The Address is: addr1qy78r2hyymtdj59hkzpjkr36axepg7jd376knclzzfz657hnxluna8rcvvxxpredl79dvcn3t7jzef95hwu39uqsq0nq3rtmdw