What is The Sick City Epoch Genesis Token?

The Sick City Epoch Genesis Token is a Cardano Native Asset, meaning that it is a token built on the Cardano Block Chain. Every Epoch or 5 Days, we feature a new artist on our platform. Every Epoch, we create a new token to memorialize that artist by embedding their music right on the token. Best of all,  during that artist's Epoch, we let people mint the token for free!! (minus tx fees). These Tokens are available from our partners over at DripDropz and TosiDrop!

Epoch Genesis Mint

Here are the links to the current Epoch Genesis Mint as well as earlier mints if you missed any. Keep in mind that the price on earlier mints may increase over time. We do this to encourage users to continue checking back and meeting new artists, but most importantly the extra ADA brought in either goes directly to the artists or goes to help fund new project features within Sick City! Also please keep in mind that these are not the Signature NFTs, these tokens are minted indefinitely as a low cost way of supporting artists and collecting music on Cardano. If you are looking for true collectibles, please join the discord and follow socials to catch the limited Signature NFT mints.