Welcome in to my page... If I'm being honest... I'm really new to the NFT scene, but so far everyone has been awesome. I'm really into Punk Rock and have been my entire life. This project (for now) is very folk punk inspired, I use weird instruments and write original songs that I will be making available as CNFTs. I'm really interested in engaging with a community with an open mind around music. I want to share my thoughts on topics that aren't always easy to discuss, I want to vent, I want to celebrate, and of course... I want to share memes. I hope you'll stay for a minute.

As of right now, I have a few collections that I'm finishing up, the recording process is quite tedious, mainly because I plan on releasing multiple NFTs for every song. The different NFTs will feature either the song played differently, or with different instruments, then there might be the "All Instruments" Version (Rare), the "Alt" Version (Rare), or maybe even the "Original/Demo" Version (Ultra Rare). Since every song has between 5 and 8 tracks, I have to manually record each track, edit, and mix. So sometimes it takes a little while.

December 27, 2021: I hope everyone had a great holiday! Covid absolutely has been bringing things down recently and I know a lot of people went without seeing a lot of friends and family this season. Same for me, it's certainly been rough but I gotta think things will get better soon!

In more positive news, I'm done writing and recording the song for the first NFT in the project. The song is called "Thank You" and it's obviously dedicated to anyone who supported the project from the very beginning. It's going to be very low mintage and I'm working out the logistics of making every single song unique... that's obviously not easy to do, but I'm working out a few things in my mind to see what I can come up with. If you want to hear the song, it's in the Music part of the page and also linked in the discord server. Please if you haven't yet, consider joining and saying hi!

December 10, 2021: Welcome in everyone! We just got listed up on CardanoCube.io! I'm super excited and appreciative to be given this kind of visibility. Please if you haven't yet, join up into the discord HERE and say hi to me. I've been recording a ton and there's a demo of a song in the music page, I should have more up very soon as well as some partnerships with some other projects!


December 9, 2021: Heyyy my very first NFT ever is ready to go, I listed one on Tokhun.io to start but please message me on discord if you're interested. There were 3 total minted. Do note that this is just an image. I'm currently working on recording and mixing a ton of songs!

Policy ID: 30acf1d72217b9a4ba18002602b9de3d946f5267e210adc7f2b02dad