The Sick City Record Shop

While the initial phase of Sick City was Epoch Genesis and music promotion, part of my vision for the platform was to eventually offer a space where people could come in and directly support artists. As I'm (obviously) not a web developer, this is going to serve as the first draft of The Sick City Record Shop. Unlike NFTs, most of the music here will be Fungible Tokens and are given the ability to mint indefinitely. We do this so the artist receives direct and immediate support upon minting and there is no limit to what they can get back for their hard work!

Artist: Oaken Temple

Album: Allfather Oak

Tracks: 3 Songs (3 Individual Tokens)

Genre: Bluegrass/Country/Folk


Twitter: @oaken_temple


Price: 9 ADA Directions: (Send 9 ADA to the Address in the link, you will receive 1.6 ADA along with 3 Tokens. Each Token contains a different song from the "Allfather Oak" Album. Load the tracks in Eternl Wallet or load your wallet in to listen to the track)

PolicyID: edeeb6ede1069bd72de8cd9a2374227645c68fe1579f832f03baf27d